Donate a car to charity.

Donate your car to charity and get a tax receipt. Recycle your vehicle and help a BC Childrens Hospital Foundation - recycle your vehicle for charitycharity. Make Donations.

Donate your vehicle to Charity Car Program and your donation goes to the charity of your choice.

Help Charitable Organizations realize their funding needs. Be a philanthropist and help those in need. Your vehicle donations proceeds go towards helping those in need. Charity Car Program is registered with many different charities that greatly need and appreciate the money that is generated through the Charity Car Program.

CKNW Orphans' Fund - donate your car to charityUnion Gospel Mission VancouverHelp Yourself! Your donation of your vehicle entitles you to a tax receipt that will help you save dollars off your income taxes. Your vehicle goes to a better use and is environmentally recycled and parts are reused where possible. Avoid unsightly derelict cars in your yard. Charity Car Program offers free towing!  Our knowledge and experience in car donation and scrap car removal in the Lower Mainland of BC combined with our relationship with many charitable organizations has earned us a reputation as the premier car donation and charity support vehicle towing company in the Lower Mainland.

BC SPCA - please donate.Call Charity Car Program today and schedule a  free scrap car removal. 604-321-2277

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Donate to a charity of your choice >>> Click here.

***Please note: The current "market value" of your vehicle is different from the assessed value of the metals and/or parts the Charity car Program can generate from your donation. Vehicle metals are sold on the open market and are subject to constant change.