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Charity Car Program provides personalized tips and FAQ services about car donations throughout the Lower Mainland area. You will find answers for all the concerns running in your mind. Contact us for more information about car donations and tax receipts.

Why Should I Donate My Car When I Can Sell It?

You could sell your car and even donate the proceeds to a charity yourself but if your car is not in good shape then selling it will be a hassle. When taking a car to a recycler by yourself, you are subject to not receiving the real value for the car. When Charity Car Program delivers the car, you get what the car is really worth because of our relationship with the recyclers.


Does the Car Have to Be in Running Condition to Donate It to Charity?

No, even a non-running car has value to the recycler for its parts and steel.


How Much of the Value of My Car Will Go to the Charity?

This will vary from organization to organization, but will likely be upwards of 50 percent of the vehicle’s actual sale value, and possibly close to 100 percent. Bear in mind that many vehicles donated will only be worth a few hundred dollars or more at resale. Before that time, the organization has to pay for expensive towing costs to pick up the vehicle, then there may be repairs to be made, and other costs associated with making the vehicle ready for resale, and costs associated with actually completing the resale.

The receiving organization has to bare all of these costs, with no other contribution from you. These costs alone can run into several hundred dollars or more, not to mention the organization’s normal daily operating costs. For this reason, a portion of your vehicle’s resale proceeds are retained to keep the intermediary organization running.


Do I Have to Be at Home to Have the Vehicle Picked Up?

Yes, we do ask that you meet the driver if possible to sign the donation form and ICBC transfer form. However, we are able to make other arrangements if we know in advance.


Can I Donate a Vehicle for Which I Am Not the Registered Owner?

The registered owner or their legal executor or proxy holder as proven by a copy of the appropriate documents must make the donation.


Can I Donate a Car for Which I Have No Registration?

Unfortunately, the registration is the legal proof of ownership, and must be available and surrendered with the vehicle. We cannot accept a vehicle without this document. Duplicate copies may be obtained from ICBC for a charge of $18.00 (approx.).


Do the Cars Have to Have All Four Tires?

The tow truck can pick up your vehicle with only two tires provided they are fully inflated, and both on the same end of the car. They must be on the accessible end of the vehicle. In addition, the vehicle must all be in one piece with no major parts missing. We cannot pick up a parts car.

How Long Will It Take Before My Vehicle Is Picked Up?

The popularity of the program may mean that you might wait 3-7 days especially if you are after a popular time. Just like the doctor, early morning, Saturday and late afternoons and evening times are booked up first.


Who Pays for the Tow?

Towing is free provided it is done by AA-Wong's Towing Ltd. of Charity Car Program.


My Vehicle Is Hard to Get at and Has Things Stored in It. Can Your Driver Help Me Get It Out?

No, our driver is not set up for vehicle recovery. You must make the vehicle accessible from an area suitable for our truck prior to its arrival at the donor’s vehicle’s location.


What is your area service boundary?

Our pickup area is in Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley extending east as far as Langley City, south to the US border, north to West Vancouver and west to UBC. Basically, we service Vancouver, Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Langley, Mission, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Richmond, Delta, Lower Mainland surrounding areas. Donate your car today!


How Do You Decide on a Value for the Vehicle?

Your donated vehicle is sold directly to an auto recycler as inventory for dismantling and salvage of parts for resale. Every car is worth at least a $50 tax receipt. We have found that 90% of vehicles fall into this value. We encourage you to confirm the value of your donated vehicle by contacting Charity Car Program before you order a pickup. If your vehicle needs to be assessed, an agreement will be drawn up between yourself and our driver prior to recycling.


Now that I have decided to donate my vehicle, what happens?

Call our donation hotline, and we will take your information. You will get an appointment time. You will need your vehicle registration and you will be given a donation receipt listing your chosen charity and ICBC transfer tax form. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT UNTIL YOU RECEIVE YOUR OFFICIAL TAX RECEIPT FROM THE CHARITY.


Why Do I Have to Sign a Transfer Form and Surrender My Registration If the Vehicle Is Being Recycled?

In order to transfer the liability and legal ownership of the vehicle to Charity Car Program and de-register it as dismantled in ICBC's system, that documentation is required.

The car is currently insured. Can I cancel it now?

We do not require a vehicle to be insured to tow it. If the vehicle is on private property, it does not need to be insured (strata lots have their own bylaws) and you can cancel it. If it is on public property, you will need to leave the insurance cancellation until the vehicle is picked up. At that time it is important to retrieve your license plates and certificate of insurance, as ICBC holds you responsible for them regardless of the status of the vehicle. NOTE: The certificate of insurance is not your vehicle registration.


When Will I Get My Receipt?

Due to the administration procedures of the recycler and the charity, it can take 6-8 weeks to get your receipt. The receipt is usually dated using pickup date, so those cars donated on or before December 31, can still claim for that tax year even though they may have the receipt until February.

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